Apartment Organization Ideas & Tips: Start 2023 Out Right

Pantry Organizers various colors, shapes and sizes.Though 2023 has already begun, many of us are still planning ways to improve ourselves in the new year. While eating healthy or exercising more are typical resolutions, focusing on our living spaces sometimes goes unnoticed. If organizing isn’t your best skill, there are some simple ways to prioritize decluttering in 2023. Here are some of the most straightforward and helpful tips to organize your living space for the rest of the year. 

Pantry Organizers

Kitchens are a great place to start one’s organizing aspirations. After purging your pantry of all old products that have been taking up space, implementing new storage containers is the following step to keep your flour, rice, and other grains arranged neatly. 

Clear storage containers or mason jars will help eliminate unnecessary cardboard and plastics while clearly showcasing your pantry goods. It’s also a money saver in the long run since sealed containers will stop bugs and other pests from getting in. Sturdy lids and jars will also improve freshness while maintaining dry goods’ shelf life. 

Though it might take getting used to, this organizing tactic will effortlessly transform your pantry from a convoluted mess to organized success. 

Shelving Units

It’s evident that proper storage is the only answer when your apartment is cluttered. Buying an inexpensive shelving unit from Ikea or Target is an incredible way to display your books, records, and magazines in a sophisticated, organized manner. 

A six-box shelving unit from Target only costs you $30, an affordable investment for most renters. Not only can they be used to divide large living spaces, but they’ll be your next best cleaning tactic for the new year. You can fill the cubbies with your personal items as an open display or purchase individual drawers to conceal miscellaneous documents. However you decide to utilize these shelves, they’ll certainly come in handy to keep your space nice and tidy. 

Tupperware Dividers 

Tupperware can be an organizational nightmare, even for the most dedicated neat freaks. One of the most complex parts of owning rubber or Pyrex containers is finding the matching lid. Tupperware lid organizers are the perfect solution to this pesky problem. 

Lid dividers come in different lengths and colors, depending on how you want the product to fit your kitchen. With a divider, you’ll be able to sort your lids by brand and size, ensuring that you’ll always find the correct top efficiently. 

Lid organizers cost under $20 on Amazon, an economical purchase to keep your tidying goals on track for 2023. 

Implement Tidying Habits

Maybe you’ve bought all the containers and dividers you’ll need for the upcoming year, and there’s no reason for additional discretionary purchases. For some, organizing needs a mental change rather than a physical one. If this is you, starting to employ tidying habits early in 2023 could help you achieve your resolutions while developing lifelong practices. 

Maintaining a clean apartment starts with the place you start and end your day with: the bed. Beginning the day by making your bed is a crucial way to establish good habits early and keep your mind focused on cleaning up after yourself throughout the day. Though it might be a tricky habit to initiate, providing a proper mindset to begin your workday can help structure your organizational practices long term. 

Today Not Tomorrow 

A phenomenon many of us wrestle with is procrastination. If putting off decluttering or organizing is stopping you from accomplishing your goals, then the phrase “today, not tomorrow” may be the perfect one to start utilizing. 

As an avid procrastinator, I know that this phrase is way easier said than done. But looking at tasks that are relatively simple or doable in under two minutes may help you assess what can be accomplished immediately. If throwing out meaningless papers on your dining room table or putting away your shoes will take only a couple of minutes to perform, then choosing to do them promptly could be a game changer for your home. 

For those struggling with focusing, attempting to complete quick tasks rather than putting them off could be your most successful organizational tactic. 

Organizing one’s apartment takes both mental intentions and purchasing suitable materials for better storage. Luckily for us, there are impeccable tips and tricks to keep an apartment tidy in 2023, hopefully aiding you on your path to cleanliness this year.