6 Apartment Spring Cleaning Ideas and Tips

Man cleaning OvenNow that spring is right around the corner; people are preparing for warm, blissful days in the sun. But before the upcoming summer months, many of us need to engage in some apartment cleaning. Here are some crucial spring cleaning ideas and tips to help you sort out your winter clutter

Clean Your Microwave with Lemon  

Especially in cold climates, cleaning is the last thing you want to do amid a chilly spring. But as the months usher in better weather, we often receive a boost of energy to fulfill the necessary home-tidying tasks. Cleaning appliances is one of those chores that often fall to the waste side, but removing food build-up is a breeze with this easy trick. 

We all know the acidic properties of lemons. But did you know lemons can be a valuable tool for de-greasing your kitchen? By squeezing out the juice of this fruit, you can use it as a DIY build-up remover

Just cut open a lemon, squeeze out the juices, and leave the rinds in the juice bowl. Microwave the bowl for three minutes, then leave it in the heated microwave for five extra minutes. The acidic fumes will loosen the build-up in your microwave, allowing for a quick clean-up with some paper towel. 

Organize Your Fridge  

Spring is the perfect time to empty all your rotten and expired foods from the refrigerator. The fridge is a great place to start your new-year organization goals by installing affordable Lazy Susans and extra storage bins. 

Though Lazy Susans are usually used as a spice rack or in a cupboard, utilizing this trick for a refrigerator makes a world of difference. Stack one with your favorite condiments or beverages, and you’ll instantly have more fridge space. Purchasing plastic produce bins is also a great trick to maximize space for organizing

Cream of Tartar for Stainless Steel 

Over time, a well-used kitchen appliance often loses its original shine. This helpful trick will get toasters and kettles back to their sleek, clean exteriors.  

Cream of tartar, a powdery substance often used in meringue deserts, can be an excellent cleaner. Combine a teaspoon of this powder with equal parts water and mix until it dissolves. Then, gently rub the mixture against any stainless steel appliance until the grime comes off. Suddenly, your over-used toaster is back to having its shiny surface. 

Deodorize Carpets 

No matter their size, Carpets are undeniable collectors of dust, hair, and odors. Giving them some attention will often rid your apartment of that infuriating musk you’ve been attempting to remove. 

Start your carpet cleaning journey by using a portable vacuum, ensuring you’re sucking up every speck of dust. After the dirt is gone, sprinkle some baking soda onto the carpet’s surface. Taking a soft brush, gently work the product into the carpet until it has mostly soaked into the fabric. Let the baking soda sit for 15 to 30 minutes, then vacuum it up with a clean bag.  

Clean and Unplug Your Sink Drain 

Sinks can be a pesky appliance in the kitchen. Over the winter months, the accumulated oil and food can constrict the pipes and limit the disposal’s efficiency. Cleaning out the sink is a necessary task for any spring cleaning schedule. 

Buying a plastic snake for your drain is a great investment and extremely cost-efficient. Stick the snake into the drain and start wiggling it around, collecting grime, hair, and coagulated foods that might’ve gone unnoticed.

To remove unpleasant odors from your sink, put lemon rinds down your garbage disposal and let it run. Then, wash down the rinds with cold water until all the excess food has been removed. 

Dust Ceiling Fans and Vents

Dust is an imperative issue to tickle for spring cleaning. It’s a frustrating allergen that seems never to disappear. Though it’s easy to spot on the floor, sometimes we forget the dusty areas in unreachable places. This May is the perfect time to pay attention to those out-of-reach apartment spots. 

Ceiling fans and vents are the most prominent collectors of dust particles. Take an extendable duster and lightly graze it atop the ceiling blades, scraping off the dust onto the floor. Then, you can vacuum or broom up the fallen dust until there’s no more. You can use a duster or a butter knife to get in between the blades for vents. Make sure to dust bookshelves, hanging art, or any high-up ledges to ensure all your apartment’s dust is gone.  

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a pricey venture. Utilizing everyday home products, you can ensure your home gets the deep cleaning it deserves. Take some of these tips and tricks to spruce up your apartment for a relaxing, clean summer.