Wellness in Lakeview: Best Spas, Yoga, and Self-Care

Spa Towels and StonesIn such a fast-paced city, finding relaxation amongst the hustle and bustle is imperative. Luckily for Chicago residents, there’s plenty of opportunity to care for one’s body and mind. Whether you’re into taking a fitness class or something more lowkey and meditative, many options are tailored to specific self-care goals. 

On the north side, there are plenty of spas, yoga studios, and wellness clinics to visit for deep 

relaxation. Here are some of the best spots in Lakeview to get your mind and body-centered. 

Elite Chicago Spa 

Located on the busy Southport Ave, Elite Chicago Spa offers numerous services to its distressed clientele. This clinic provides therapeutic massages and exfoliating treatments like facials, but they also administer chemical peels, botox, and laser hair removal. 

If you’re looking for a spot for maximum relaxation but also need a skin cleanse, this spa is the perfect place to visit. This spot has numerous specialized options for clearer skin, like ultrasonic facials, LED treatments, and microdermabrasion (a non-invasive exfoliating procedure). You can also receive other treatments like microneedling for your eyebrows and cellulite reduction. 

Are you having stomach and bloating issues? Elite Chicago Spa has an extensive colon detox regiment with abdominal massages, acupressure, and audio therapy. The program intends to rid your body of toxins through bi-weekly pressotherapy and special herbal drinks, encouraging the body to drain unnecessary fluids and bacteria. 


A little further south of the Lakeview neighborhood lies the healing Spavia Day Spa. It’s famous for its extensive spa packages, high-end amenities, and body treatments. 

Spavia wants you to feel like you’re taking a vacation in the middle of the city, so upon entering, you’ll get a plush robe, sandals, and an aromatherapy neck pillow. As you slowly unwind in the spa’s retreat room, you’ll prepare for your following healing treatments: Fijian hand and foot, deep tissue, or hydraderm facials. 

Though singular treatments may be expensive, there are a few different membership deals for those considering monthly or bi-weekly excursions. Standard memberships include one massage, facial, and beauty therapy per month, ensuring you can maintain calm throughout your hectic schedule. 

Hilltop Yoga 

Hilltop Yoga is a renowned studio in Lakeview with a few different locations, including Lansing, Michigan. The studio specializes in re-energizing you, keeping stress levels at bay, and allowing your body to develop strength and balance. 

With so many yoga studio options in Chicago, Hilltop is one of the most affordable spots, with new students two-week unlimited classes for $20. The Lakeview location has many diverse yoga options, from advanced power and strength courses to meditative and outdoor sessions. For those who aren’t feeling well or who are COVID-conscious, many of the instructors offer online sessions to ensure that everyone feels safe while practicing. 

Ritual Hot Yoga 

Over the past decade, hot yoga studios have been more popular than ever. This type of yoga involves warm and heated studios to increase the intensity of the workout. The added heat is supposed to replicate the climate in India, where yoga originated. 

The Ritual Hot Yoga studio in Chicago is a perfect place if you’re looking for a vigorous yet meditative session. Each room will be dimly lit and full of flickering candles, ready to transport you to a relaxing and soothing mindset. Each hot yoga session lasts fifty minutes, with specifically tailored playlists to ensure each student feels in touch with their poses and surroundings. If you need more of a workout, Ritual offers ab sessions to get your stomach tight and your body sweating. 

Cuddle Bunny 

In-person workouts and spa days are lovely, but some people need relaxation through a different avenue. If you don’t have time for an hour-long massage, stopping by this bunny café may be your instantaneous ticket to stress relief. 

Built-in 2020, Cuddle Bunny’s mission is to provide a quick and calming atmosphere for its customers with an array of cute and friendly rabbits. People can book a session at the café where you can lounge about and pet the bunnies. The shop holds special events like yoga sessions, where you can participate in a course while bunnies prance around the studio.  

Whether you are consistently on the go or don’t have the funds to pay for extensive spa visits, there are plenty of opportunities for affordable and accessible self-care excursions. Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood has a diverse assortment of wellness clinics, yoga studios, and animal-focused cafés ready to enjoy after a busy workday.