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Lakeview is a special neighborhood for those who have a furry companion. There are plenty of parks, restaurants, and dog-friendly beaches that make it the premier area for pets. Before you move into the neighborhood, you might wonder where all the best vets, groomers, and walkers are to keep your dogs happy and healthy. Here is everything you need to know about Lakeview and what it can offer your furry friend.  

Pet Stores

Lakeview has plenty of iconic pet stores. Wigglyville, a pet store on Broadway Avenue, gets its name from Lakeview’s baseball-loving neighbor Wrigleyville. While this store has all the typical treats, toys, and goodies for your pets, Wigglyville also provides resources for dog training, grooming, and new dog owners. You can find this store while strolling through Northalsted, so take your dog on a walk and pop into this local favorite. 

Though PetSmart and Petco are both accessible in the greater Lakeview area, smaller, hidden gems like Barks N’ Rec are neighborhood favorites. Located on Lincoln Avenue, this dog-and-cat shop has everything your pet will need for playtime, nighttime, or a day in the park. You’ll have a blast perusing all the animal apparel Barks N’ Rec has, as well as various treats, toys, and chews for your pup.  


Lakeview is an amazing area for outdoor space and exercise. While you can take your dog on the lakefront trail and enjoy the water’s cooling breeze, there are some other dog-friendly parks to take your loving pet to. 

If you’re in Northalsted, the Belmont Harbor dog park adjacent to Lake Shore Dr. is perfect for morning or afternoon play. Wiggly Field and Waveland Park are great parks for Wrigleyville residents, while Walsh Park on Ashland is closer to those living inland or in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. 

If the heat’s getting you down, take your pup to the Montrose Park Dog Beach which has a roped-off area with considerable beach space is available for dogs to roam free and play in the brisk Lake Michigan waves. If you’re worried about too much pup commotion, weekday mornings have less foot traffic, ensuring you and your dog have solitary time together.        


As dog owners, taking your pet everywhere you go feels like a no-brainer. Sadly, restaurants aren’t always on the same page. If you’re a Lakeview resident or plan to visit the neighborhood, many local spots have dog-friendly patios for the whole family to enjoy. 

A few taco spots have lovely outdoor seating for you and your pup, like Two Wheel Tacos right by the lakefront or Agave Antojeria on Wellington Avenue. For Italian food, Sapori Trattoria and Coda di Volpe have great patios as well as delicious Mediterranean fare. If you’re a morning person, head to the Breakfast House on Ashland or Fancy Plants Cafe for a coffee and some quality doggy time. 

Restaurants and bars in Lakeview are familiar with how many pets are located in the area, so the probability of a spot near you having dog-friendly patios is undeniably favorable. 


Lakeview has plenty of dog vets and hospitals in case you run into an emergency. Veterinarians are extremely prevalent in the area, so you’ll likely have a vet within walking distance. 

A few clinics on Halsted Street and Broadway are in the Northalsted area, including Wrigleyville Veterinary Center and Pets First Hospital. Further west are Belmont Animal Hospital and Higgins Animal Clinic, both located on Belmont Avenue. Duke Animal Hospital on Ashland and Irving will be your veterinary go-to if you’re a Wrigleyville resident. Whichever pocket of Lakeview you reside in, an emergency animal center will certainly be nearby. 


Ensuring your pet gets enough exercise and is eating healthy are key components of animal care, but keeping them nice and clean is another, often neglected, important part. Thankfully, plenty of local groomers can get your dog or cat into tip-top shape. 

Alongside pet supplies, both Wigglyville and PetSmart offer affordable grooming for your pet. Especially if you’re in a hurry and need to do other shopping for your animal, an all-in-one groomer is the optimal place to start. 

Dogaholics on Southport and Addison and Sit Social on Belmont and Clark are premier grooming spots with full-service cleanings, including teeth brushing, ear cleaning, and nail trimming. These spots also have doggy daycare programs for owners who can’t take extra time out of their schedule for a grooming trip.      


While you could use numerous dog-walking apps, sometimes utilizing an old-fashioned business is the best option for your furry companion. In Lakeview, plenty of local dog-walking operations will help care for your pup when you’re on the go. 

Lakeview Dogs is an independent dog-walking company that’s situated in the heart of Northalsted. Services include overnight vacation care, daily walkings, and even cat visits. If you’re a Lincoln Park resident, you can still use Lakeview Dogs’ services since they take clientele from adjacent neighborhoods. 

West Lakeview residents don’t have to look further than Dogs Deserve It, a reputable animal care company. Dogs Deserve It offers regular services like pet sitting, daily walks, and a pet taxi, which transports your dog to its grooming appointments or doggy daycare. Looking for new pet headshots? Dogs Deserve It also has quality photographers, ensuring you and your family have the best shots of your adoring dog or cat.  

Pet-Friendly Apartments 

Though finding apartments that will accept pets might be cumbersome and frustrating, Lakeview usually has plenty of housing options. Since the area is full of dog owners, most places will have accommodations or added amenities for your furry companion. 

All of Wirtz’s residential buildings are pet friendly and some include outdoor areas or attractions for your pooch. 2950 North Sheridan has pet groomers available and an electronically accessed dog park for guaranteed privacy. 422 & 424 West Melrose has entire floors dedicated to dog owners, ensuring that you’ll have pup-loving neighbors with convenient playmates for your pet. Though some apartment complexes may have restrictions for certain animals, the majority of Wirtz buildings will accept most dogs and cats under 45 pounds.       

Though Lakeview is an undeniably pet-friendly area, sometimes it’s difficult to find the best spots when there are too many options. With this guide to the Northside neighborhood, you’ll be able to find the best groomers, veterinarians, and daycares to fit your dog or cat’s particular needs.

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