Outdoor Winter Activities Around Chicago

Boy Ice SkatingWinter can be a difficult time in Chicago. When the temperature drops drastically, you may choose to stay inside and hibernate for the rest of the season. Thankfully, this city has tons to offer during the wintertime. 

Wholesome activities like ice skating and sledding are everywhere in the city. There are some unconventional activities as well, making Chicago a surprisingly fun place to be in the wintertime. Here are all of the best activities in Chicago this season. 

Skate the Ribbon 

Most Chicagoans are familiar with the overcrowded rink in Millennium Park. Don’t get me wrong, Millennium Park is an enchanting place to ice skate, but it attracts tourists and residents to an overwhelming degree. This stellar rink is just a walk away from the Bean for a less hectic skating option. 

The Skating Ribbon at Maggie Daley Park is a curvy, scenic ice-skating rink. Though impossible to miss, Millennium Park’s rink often attracts larger crowds, making this skating option lesser-known. The twisting nature of this rink guides you through Maggie Daley Park, with a spectacular view of Lake Michigan. This park is an unconventional and unforgettable one that’ll transform any ice skating experience. 

The Skating Ribbon is open from November until March, weather permitting. Check out more details here: https://maggiedaleypark.com/things-to-do-see/skating-ribbon/ 

Chicago Conservatories 

We’re so lucky to have two of the best conservatories on the north side. The Lincoln Park Conservatory and the Garfield Park Conservatory are stunning, with plants of all sizes and colors to peruse. 

If the outdoors are too chilly, step inside one of these conservatories for a warm-up amongst the greenery. The Garfield Park Conservatory is a staple amongst Chicagoans and has one of the most extensive indoor gardens in the nation. It spans almost two acres, and humungous, exotic vegetation fills the entire greenhouse. Alongside the plants, travelers can expect a stunning display of glass structures around the exhibits. 

These conservatories are perfect for escaping the sharp Chicago cold. Check out more details about each garden here: 



Walk Along Lakefront Trail

Chicago’s illustrious Lakefront Trail might not be residents’ first choice this season. But, there are stunning views to admire this February that a summertime stroll won’t have.

The path along Lake Michigan connects the north side to the south side, spanning over 18 miles. The snow creates a picturesque shelf alongside the path’s edge, and it’s mesmerizing to watch the lake’s ice slowly form and break. Chicago’s famous walkway acts as a refuge for the hustle and bustle of city life. It’s accessible and available wherever you are in the city, so taking a stroll along the path is your best bet for fighting wintertime blues. 

Find out more about the magnificent Lakefront Trail here: https://www.chicagoparkdistrict.com/parks-facilities/lakefront-trail 

Chicago is a beautiful place to call home. Outsiders can scoff at our dangerously low temperatures, but they don’t realize all the winter fun one can have in the windy city. From spectacular ice skating rinks to winter-themed outdoor bars, there are plenty of seasonal activities to enjoy in Chicago.