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Seven of Our Favorite Pizza Restaurants Delivering to Lakeview

Lakeview Pizza DeliveryIf you live in Chicago, you have a strong preference when it comes to pizza selection.  Home of the deep-dish slice, this city has an overabundance of shops to enjoy.  While you’re fairing the winter weather, try some of these exceptional spots delivering quality pizza to Lakeview. 

Pequod’s Pizza

For anyone living on Chicago’s North Side, Pequod’s is certainly a household name.  This rustic, slightly-shabby spot serves deep-dish pies that are tasty and affordable.

If you’re looking for pizza that’s got that midwestern charm, then Pequod’s is your perfect match.  Ordering from this pizzeria ensures you’ll bring home traditional, pan-style pizza that can feed an entire army.  The standard of their deep-dish pies can make any out-of-towner fall in love.  Residents know Pequod’s already as a reliable spot, so try out a whole pizza for a good taste of Chicago. 

Order delivery from Pequod’s here:


This one might feel a little sacrilegious, but if you’ve ever felt envious of New York’s giant, thin slices, then Dante’s is the best Chicago alternative. 

Located in a few places around Logan Square, Dante’s has large, thin-crust pizzas and specialty slices.  Their jumbo pizzas have many toppings to choose from, with vegan and vegetarian options as well.  Dante’s has single-slice options for the individual diner, with rotating selections depending on the day.  With salads and strombolis to compliment your order, Dante’s is great for a quick, well-rounded pizza dinner. 

Get more information on Dante’s here:

Dimo’s Pizza

A true Wrigleyville staple, Dimo’s is a lovable pizzeria at the heart of the Chicago Cubs’ neighborhood.

Dimo’s is the spot to visit when baseball season rolls around in Wrigleyville.  With such scrumptious pizza pies, it’s no surprise they’re usually packed.  Their pizza is on the cheaper side but doesn’t sacrifice any quality or precision.  Classic combos like cheese and pepperoni are available, but it’s the macaroni and cheese pizza that has cemented Dimo’s as a go-to dinner spot. 

Get some no-hassle delivery on their website:

Pizzeria Serio

Tucked away in West Lakeview, this pizzeria is serving up exciting, brick-oven creations.  Pizzeria Serio, with their East Coast pizza stylings, is bringing flavor and a fresh outlook to making high-end pizza. 

Bold flavors are expected when ordering from this Near North spot.  Concoctions like prosciutto and citrus are the usual at Serio, but more common options like a Margherita pizza are more than available to order.  Pizza pies aren’t all their serving, though.  With pasta, salads, and flatbreads, this spot is a perfect selection for family delivery. 

Check out more of their menu here:


Located in Lincoln Park, this fairly-new pizzeria and beer garden is another unconventional spot that’s cooking up inventive and tasty dishes. 

If you want a classic pizza, then this might not be the place for you.  But what Homeslice does wonderfully is mixing unique ingredients for top-notch food.  They’ve even got a pizza with pulled pork for the hardcore meat-lovers.  Constructing your own pizza is one of their many menu options; if making your own creation is more your style. 

Try something a little different with some of the North Side’s most inventive pizza:

Roebuck Pizza

Another thin-slice spot, Lakeview’s Roebuck, is dishing out classic ‘za with inspiration. 

A local favorite for their craft brews and classy cocktails, this pizzeria on Broadway has become a popular choice due to their Neapolitan-inspired pizzas.  Thin and crunchy, their pizza crust is true to Roebuck’s Southern-Italian influence.  Keeping things traditional is one of their main goals, and they succeed with their quintessential Italian fare.  More unconventional pizzas (like topping a pie with crushed pistachios) are frequently found on the menu, appealing to all the adventurous eaters of Lakeview.      

Get your Roebuck delivery here:

Lou Malnati’s

I know this might feel like a cop-out answer, but Lou Malnati’s is one of the most dependable chains serving quintessential, Chicago-style pizza. 

If you haven’t tried Lou Malnati’s before, their signature is the Chicago deep-dish.  It’s known for its thick, buttery crust piled high with tomatoes and sausage.  You can even deliver the pizza nationwide to your family and friends, just in case, they’re missing out on some good Chicago food.  Even for a thin-crust lover like myself, Lou Malnati has a special place in my heart and stomach.   

Look for locations and delivery options on their website:

Pizza is a beautiful thing, and in Chicago, it’s more prevalent than ever.  With so many wonderful restaurants to choose from, it’s easy to get lost in the North Side’s sea of pizzerias.  But using some collective knowledge, I’ve compiled some of the best Lakeview (or deliverable to Lakeview) spots for a great Italian-American meal.  Put down your pots and pans and get some speedy delivery from your local and beloved pizzerias.