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Fun Social Distancing Games You Can Play With Friends Online

Online Games FriendsBeing inside most of the day has plenty of benefits for us gamers. Past days occupied by office work and errands are now free for endless entertainment. Though reaching the next level of your Nintendo Switch game is indisputably satisfying, doing something fun with friends can also be a part of your indoor gaming experience.

With friends becoming harder to see when protocol revolves around the importance of social distancing, our personal interactions are sometimes limited. While distancing is not the easiest, “our best chance of staying together” is to utilize the abundant social opportunities of the internet. Socializing can be doable and risk-free with these amusing online games you can play with your friends.


Zoom is fun and all, but maybe regular video chatting has become too dull and uninspired. Perhaps discussing what you ate for breakfast during your fourth call of the day isn’t exactly stimulating your imagination. Houseparty ups the ante with these vivacious, interactive contests that transform a video call into your own private game show.

Houseparty, which you can connect to with a phone number or Facebook account, hosts a variety of games that you can play while video chatting. Call a friend and show off your knowledge by challenging them to a trivia round. If you’re an artist, try Quick Draw: a game focused on your teammates correctly identifying your doodles. Familiar recreations like Uno and Heads Up also appear in the sidebar alongside other multiplayer options, ready to stimulate the mind and keep you laughing for hours.


If interacting face to face isn’t your style, then maybe you’d like to try a program invested in connecting more virtually. Similar to other avatar-based computer games, Roblox is a basic RPG with an emphasis on designing your own character and living quarters. A wide selection of quests and challenges are available as well if interior design isn’t your forte. You’ll experience many costumed individuals existing in this colorful cyberworld where interaction is key to its functionality.

With our normal routines presently unfeasible, Roblox provides a virtual experience surprisingly comparable to our everyday life. Going shopping and adopting pets are integral to this multiplayer game while fulfilling an occupational role is common as well. If you have the desperate urge to utilize your managerial skills, there’s even a Roblox Target that has copious positions needing to be filled. Though it may seem like this RPG is more focused on younger players, there’s something for everyone in this bountiful universe.

Card Party

Playing cards around a crowded table of friends is a pleasure that seems incredibly out of reach in this day and age. Fortunately, a compelling game of Uno is more than available to the players who don’t want to risk possible infection from being in close proximity.

Card Party allows you to play this family classic safely and with bonuses. You can invite up to six people to enjoy Uno with a variety of unconventional cards for a fast-paced, enthralling experience. Different leagues are also accessible if your regular teammates aren’t around when you’re itching for a match. If you’re missing out on the thrill of competition that sitting at home often lacks, then Card Party is the place to start.


At this point in quarantine, cards and charades might be feeling a little too repetitive. When Scrabble and Monopoly get too monotonous, a game with more problem-solving involved could be your next move. A familiar party game transforms into a bewitching online event with Werewolf: a new direction for gamers with more mischievous inclinations.

How to Play Werewolf

Werewolf combines deceit, speculation, and investigation in a captivating phone app that’s perfect for social distancing. I’ll admit, it definitely took me a few tries to understand the concept, but once I got the hang of it, I couldn’t stop playing. Similarly to the real-life game (sometimes called mafia), its basic objective is to find out who the werewolves are in the sixteen players of your party.

Among the sixteen, everyone receives a role with various powers that help identify which players are the werewolves. Some people are even chosen to play roles that require distracting the rest of the players from that primary objective. Since this is a collaborative sport, there’s a chatbox on the bottom of the screen to discuss your findings. The chatbox is where the sixteen players collaborate to decide who they should eliminate each round.

Werewolf turns scheming and investigation into a fascinating multiplayer experience. With discovery and trickery at the forefront, Werewolf will transform your standard board game night into a tempestuous thrill ride that’ll keep you occupied for weeks.

Final Thoughts

Enjoying meaningful summer days, in person, with our beloved family and friends, is harder than it used to be. But even in this current situation, I hope you can download one of these apps and experience some much needed, COVID-free fun. Prioritizing social distancing is important, but that does not mean eliminating socializing entirely. With this list of games, you’ll have an opportunity to entertain your friends while successfully enjoying the safety of the indoors.