Upcoming Events at the Lincoln Park Zoo

Lincoln Park ZooChicago is known for Lake Michigan, beautiful neighborhoods, and an iconic hot dog.  If you’re lucky enough to live here, you probably have visited the gigantic zoo nestled in Lincoln Park.  A staple on the Northside, the Lincoln Park Zoo has just about every animal one could imagine.  

Lincoln Park Zoo isn’t just a spot for observing the different species, though.  It’s also a place that hosts countless events from summer to winter.  To celebrate the last month of summer,  here are some upcoming events you can attend.  

Adults Night Out

Who said the zoo was just for kids?  This boozy, after-hours event is the perfect way to end your summer.  

August 26th won’t be a regular Thursday by any means.  Swing by Lincoln Park after work and experience the zoo in a whole different light.  Emulating a classic Chicago summer night, the park will provide grilled burgers and veggies, a cash bar, and lawn games like cornhole.  Connect with your inner child and take a free ride on the carousel.  Dance like nobody’s watching at the various DJ tents scattered around the park.  

You might’ve experienced the zoo before, but never like this.  Join in on the after-hours fun and buy your tickets here: https://www.lpzoo.org/event/adults-night-out-summer-block-party/ 

Roar With The Changes

The roaring ’20s are starting all over again. This fall, Lincoln Park Zoo is transforming its largest fundraiser into a flapper-inspired ball.  

Since 1977, the Woman’s Board has provided millions for capital projects from this annual event.  The zoo’s goal is to connect philanthropists, business people, and community leaders with nature while celebrating the park’s accomplishments.  The ball takes place in the Searle Event Center, with lights and other adornments to accompany the 1920’s theme.  

Come by September 24th for a cocktail reception at 5 pm, followed by an exquisite dinner.  For more info about tickets and attire, here’s the official website: https://www.lpzooball.org/ 

Breakfast With The Animals 

Ever wanted to wake up to the sounds of lions and monkeys?  The Lincoln Park Zoo knows the start of a great day is contingent on two things: breakfast and hanging out with exotic animals.  

This exclusive event has access to all the animals in the park while you enjoy pancakes, coffee, and other breakfast staples.  Attendees can learn about the different species, habitats, and behaviors of their favorite creatures.  Two events are available to choose from for your morning excursion in the park.  

On the morning of August 21st, the focus is on the African Spotted Dog habit led by the illustrious Mammal Mike.  On September 21st, get to know the iguana population with Lincoln Park Zoo’s reptile specialist Dan Boehm.  

Check out more about the two Breakfast With The Animals events here: https://www.lpzoo.org/event/breakfast/ 

Second Saturday Garden Tours 

Furry creatures, aquatic animals, and scaly reptiles aren’t the only thing provided at the zoo.  Here’s your chance to explore the diverse flora that exists in our beautiful city.  

Every second Saturday of the month, Lincoln Park Zoo hosts a guided garden tour on the park’s premises.  A zoo horticulturist takes the group through all the plant species, describing what’s in bloom and identification tactics.  The horticulturist also answers questions from the tour and discusses the zoo’s longstanding horticulture program.  

If plants are your calling, you’ll love these tours.  The next venture is set to begin on August 11th, with the following one occurring on September 9th.  Find out more about these beloved garden tours here: https://www.lpzoo.org/event/second-saturday-garden-tours/ 

Dessert Fest at the Zoo 

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, the zoo needs more desserts!  This fall, River North Fests will unleash their beloved Dessert Fest for autumnal treats and sweets.  

This annual event showcases Chicago’s unique and luxurious pastries from the most famous locations.  Try some brownies, cakes, and other treats, while strolling beside the various habitats.  The event includes unique programming with curated talks about the zoo’s most popular species.  Games, live entertainment, and alcoholic beverages are also included in this dessert spectacular.  

The date is yet to be set but will be popping up this September.  Check their website to stay updated on all things Dessert Fest: http://chicagodessertfest.com/ 

As one of the last free zoos in the United States, the Lincoln Park Zoo has a lot to live up to.  It’s a cornerstone of the community, an all-age environment, and a place for infinite learning. Attending these events are just a few ways to give back to such an irreplaceable destination.  Try out these upcoming events for maximum fun and, of course, to spend time with the animals you adore.