Our Favorite Cafes and Coffee Shops in Lakeview, Chicago

Barista Holding Coffee CupNow that the weather is chilling out in Chicago, many will flock to their favorite coffee spot for a warm cup of joe. The problem in the city isn’t finding a cafe to go to but which one to choose from. Especially if you live on the north side, there are sometimes too many options, which makes finding the perfect spot challenging. If you’re a longtime Lakeview resident or happen to be visiting the area, here are some of the finest cafés and coffee shops to patronize. 

Hero Coffee Bar

Founded in 2014, Hero started as an independent shop in the heart of Chicago’s downtown. Through years of perseverance, Hero has grown and expanded through the city’s north side. Today, the coffee franchise has spread across the northside due to its delicious roasts and rustic interior design. 

The Lakeview location is right inside the 2950 North Sheridan building, making it the essential spot for residents and their neighbors. Hero’s menu options will overjoy espresso drinkers; from classic drinks like lattes and cappuccinos to seasonal drinks like the pumpkin pie latte, there’s a coffee option for everyone. There are plenty of bagel sandwich choices, too, if you’re in a hurry and need a quick breakfast. 


Dark Matter is a popular coffee company in Chicago with locations all over the city. Situated right on Belmont Avenue, Osmium is one of the quintessential Dark Matter cafés locals flock to daily. With its delicious drinks and strong cold brews, Osmium is a go-to shop for lounging or getting that quick caffeine re-up. 

Osmium is easy to walk to for those in the Lakeview or Boystown Neighborhood. It’s just a few blocks from the Belmont Red Line, making this café easily accessible to most Chicagoans. Stepping inside Osmium, you’ll find psychedelic wall decor and ample tables for taking a breather or getting some work done. During the summer months, the outdoor patio converts into a perfect away-from-home office, with long, colorful picnic tables for productivity and chit-chatting. 

Of course, the coffee is delicious at Dark Matter establishments, too. They have both single-origin and coffee blends for drip and iced coffee, as well as flavorful and imaginative latte drinks. If you’re ever adjacent to Boystown, you must make a pit stop at Osmium. 


Intelligentsia is a coffee chain that takes itself very seriously. For patrons, this makes for the optimal cáfe experience. This neighborhood spot is a reputable local favorite with perfectly crafted espresso drinks and aesthetically pleasing decor. 

Walking up the busy street of Broadway Avenue, you’ll find Intelligentsia consistently buzzing with patrons. Their drinks are wonderfully caffeinated, and the cafe interior is sleek and inviting, perfect for an effective workday. There are plenty of fluorescent lights and communal tables, which are excellent for meetings or casual hangouts. The coffee menu has all the drink classics, from mochas to lattes to tea drinks like matcha. 

Doppio Coffee House      

Doppio Coffe House, named after the Italian double-shot espresso drink, is a hidden gem with exceptional eats and lattes. Despite plenty of competition, this Chicago husband-and-wife team has created a café staple in the heart of Lakeview.   

Though Doppio is known for its espresso, the shop is also proud of its artisan drip coffee for both service and retail. The café has diverse roasts that range from dark blends with chocolate notes to lighter, single-origin ones. If you show up to Doppio hungry, there are terrific breakfast and lunch options like the ancient grain toast with homemade garbanzo and tahini spread and a decadent avocado toast. 

Doppio is open at six in the morning every day, so make sure to stop by if you’re in Lakeview bright and early. 

Heritage Bikes & Coffee

What if you love caffeine, but you’re also an avid biker? Heritage Bikes & Coffee is the ideal spot for athletes who enjoy the café experience. 

Founded in 2011, Heritage has served the Lakeview community with high-end bikes, general repairs, and, naturally, espresso drinks. When you enter the café, you’ll see mechanics working away while sleep-deprived residents order caffeinated beverages. The interior is cozy and inviting, with some counter and table space for working and hanging. The menu features plenty of coffeehouse staples but also features creative, delectable specials like Heritage’s tart and sweet hibiscus matcha latte. 

Lakeview is definitely not devoid of cafés and coffee shops. If you’re visiting the area but don’t know where to go, start with these four spots for excellent coffee and inviting ambiance.