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Six Inexpensive Ways to Give Your Apartment a Fresh Look for 2021

Apartment FlowersHome renovation: a word combination that brings us a mixed bag of emotions. Redecorating and adding something to elevate your apartment is crucial, but spending a ton of money is less than appealing.  

The anxieties often come once the price of your online shopping cart starts multiplying.  New drapes, rugs, shelving, etc., can get expensive fast and dissuades our hopeful renovations.  But, needing to spruce up the apartment doesn’t have to come with substantial financial burdens.  These six inexpensive tricks will give you the new home feel you’ve been craving without breaking the bank.  

Wall Decorating 

Purchasing a fancy photograph or renowned artwork is most certainly costly. Accentuating your space with art doesn’t have to be absurdly expensive. There are a few ways to fill up a wall with wonderful pieces and maintain your budget. 

Take a trip to a local thrift store or antique store for some art searching. Block off some time to do this since some stores will have many paintings and prints to sift through. You’ll be surprised at how many beautiful pieces are accessible and cheap at these stores. You’ll impress your guests and yourself by collecting local, cost-efficient artwork. 

Drapes & Coverings 

We move into our apartments and often accept the blinds as proper window fixings. There’s nothing wrong with blinds per se, but we can freshen up windows even more. 

Drapes, shades, and curtains are a great way to add color and dimension to regular windows. Try out a store like IKEA, Wayfair, or even Target for less expensive options. You won’t need silk coverings to ensure new, vibrant looks to your apartment. Providing a bright or accentuating color to your window is an easy way to liven up the room. After installing the coverings, it’ll be unfathomable you ever lived without them.

Kitchen Island

Everybody wants these two things in the kitchen: storage and counter space.  These are essential for an accessible, cooperative kitchen.  Often in cities, though, our kitchens are tiny and leave much to be desired.  Obtaining an island is an excellent option for ample counter space with a refreshing design.  

Buy a stand-alone table to place in the center of your kitchen.  These wooden tables get more expensive with added cupboards, but it all depends on your budget.   

Choose Fun Lighting 

The easiest way I would spruce up my drab college dorm was by hanging lights.  It felt almost instantly that new lighting gave my ordinary room a livelier feel. Even with dollar store string lights, it’s easy to achieve a sensational look.  

Choosing the right string lights is probably the hardest thing you’ll encounter with this hack.  There’s a good range to choose from for a lower price, from festive bulb lights or remote-controlled LED lights.  You don’t have to break the bank searching for a one-of-a-kind lamp or lighting fixture.  Do some online searching or go to your local convenience store for your new favorite room accessory.  

Add Some Greenery 

Candles are wonderful, yes, but how can you beat the scent of fresh flowers?  Adding flowers puts more color and style into an under-decorated room.  Take a mason jar or decorative vessel you have in your house to create a centerpiece that’s striking and cost-efficient.  

Buying bouquets already arranged is a little more pricey, so try arranging your own with flowers from your local grocery store. It’ll take less than an hour to get an incredible arrangement together, and you can impress your guests with your newly-discovered florist skills. 

DIY Shelves

Floating shelves are a big must in the 2021 home. Plenty of fancy furniture stores have the materials, but for an inflated price. Try picking up some already-cut wood to try out some good, old-fashioned carpentry.

Stores like Home Depot already have a selection of pre-cut wood you can use. Hanging those shelves with an old belt or some rope is all you’ll need to create something spectacular. Just nail in the top of the extension, and you’re good to go!

Building custom, unique shelves don’t have to be laborious or expensive. Try this hack for an easy DIY project for optimal storage and refinement. 

We’re all attempting to zhuzh up our apartments after spending so much time indoors. Adding freshness, color, or something new to your space shouldn’t break the bank. By spending a little extra time DIYing your projects, you’ll be saving a good amount of cash for when you need it.