6 of Our Favorite Dog Parks & Dog-Friendly Spots Near Lakeview Chicago

Dog Parks Lakeview ChicagoThe weather is finally transitioning to sunnier, warmer days in Chicago, which means more time for outdoor activities.  As spring forms in the city, bikers and joggers start to appear all over the parks and sidewalks.  Though we’ve been longing for this since November, we’re not the only ones ready to take the outdoors by storm.  The dogs we treasure need ample time outside to work out all of their reserved energy. 

In Chicago, there is never a shortage of green spaces.  Though this is not a problem for humans, sometimes it’s hard to remember the ideal places for dog-friendly fun.  Here are some of our favorite dog parks near Lakeview to get your pooch running around this spring. 

Montrose Dog Beach

Just a few blocks up from Lakeview lies one of the most popular dog parks in the city.  Adjacent to the widely-attended Montrose Beach, a large fenced-off shoreline area for dogs and their owners. 

Follow Wilson Ave up to the lake, and you’ll see a decorated ramp leading down to the beach.  The ramp will take you right to the shore, where you can release your dog and let them run wild.  As the only legal, leash-off beach for dogs in the city, it succeeds with a ton of space for even the most rambunctious canines.  The park is open during the normal Chicago Park District hours (6 A.M. to 11 P.M.), so swing by with your furry friend whenever the weather is warm and welcoming.  

Find more details about Montrose Dog beach here: https://www.mondog.org/

Wiggly Field Dog Park

What is more representative of Chicago’s Northside than a dog park named after the Chicago Cubs?  Wiggly Field, established in 1997, is a Lakeview staple for all of our four-legged residents.

Also known as Noethling Grace Park, this play area covers a whole block of Wrightwood between Sheffield and Seminary.  It stands out from other dog parks because of its hilly topography and spacious design.  There’s enough room for dogs to zoom around together without feeling restricted.  A great space for any animal with pent-up energy, Chicago’s Wiggly Field is one of Lakeview’s dog-safe staples. 

Check out more about Wiggly Field here: https://www.chicagoparkdistrict.com/parks-facilities/noethling-grace-park

Challenger Park

If you’re looking for an expansive, lush area to relax in, then you’ll most likely end up in Challenger Park.  Existing along Irving Park Road, the enormous park consists of winding paths, large ponds, and the Graceland cemetery.  Tucked away on the east side of the greenery, you’ll find the perfect spot for dogs and their companions. 

A stone’s throw away from the Red Line, Challenger Park is easily accessible for most Chicagoans.  The cool concrete is perfect for doggy play, with a lovely patch of grass encasing the park.  Though it’s not very large, there’s plenty of space around the dog park for exploration.  Challenger Park is a great spot for exercising your dog and getting a scenic view of this Northside spectacle. 

Find out more about Challenger Park’s dog-friendly area here: https://www.chicagoparkdistrict.com/parks-facilities/challenger-dog-friendly-area

Wicker Park Dog-Friendly Area

If you’ve been itching to get out of Lakeview, take a short trip to Wicker Park for a change of scenery.  Wicker Park’s bustling atmosphere and artistic aesthetic make for a unique afternoon and a premier spot for dog walking.

The neighborhood of Wicker Park is not only remarkable for its trendy shops but its beautiful park on Damen as well.  Located east of the street, the park expands into a baseball diamond, various playground equipment, and, of course, the dog park. 

The park hangs off the corner of Wicker Park Ave and Schiller, creating a triangular playground.  Though the park is on the smaller side, it’s a good place for socializing, both for dogs and their owners.  It’s cute and quaint, with a great view of the neighborhood’s architecture.  Take a day trip to this unique district with enough spots for you and your furry friend to enjoy. 

Find out more about the location here: https://www.chicagoparkdistrict.com/parks-facilities/wicker-dog-friendly-area

Doggy Paddle Aquatic Center for Dogs

What is better for unmanageable energy than going for a swim?  Though Chicago may be freezing at times, there is a special place for your pup to swim year-round.  This aquatic center for dogs has indoor pools and a variety of services for exhilarating doggy play. 

This center specializes in helping dogs of all sizes enjoy this wholesome activity.  There are swim classes for dogs who’ve never been in a pool before, alongside fitness classes for more energized pups.  If your dog needs more than one hour of play, Doggy Paddle also doubles as a daycare center with park visits.  Getting your dogs swimming for the afternoon is easy and practical with this Lincoln Park center.

Find out more about classes and daycare hours here:  https://doggypaddle.com/

Hamlin Dog-Friendly Area

A little west of Lakeview, we move into Roscoe Village: a sweet, residential neighborhood that’s brimming with calmness and charm.  Take your dog on a lovely trip down Belmont to find this secluded area for dog walking and exercise. 

Located on Hoyne, the Hamlin Dog-Friendly Area exists inside the picturesque Hannibal Park.  You can find the dog park in its southeast corner, a spacious enclosure for even the rowdiest dogs.  Trees shade the park from the center of the concrete, creating a cooler atmosphere for you and your canine.  The Hamlin Dog-Friendly Area is the ideal spot in Roscoe Village for any pet, and you’ll also benefit from the pleasant walk to the neighborhood.

Check out the details about this park here: https://www.chicagoparkdistrict.com/parks-facilities/hamlin-dog-friendly-area

Dogs help us get outside and get our bodies moving.  We have to return the favor by supplying them with the best spots for their enjoyment.  If you live in Lakeview or are just visiting the area, take a trip to these dog-friendly areas for a wonderful spring escapade. Check out our new Lakeview Pet Guide for even more places to take your furry friends!